Dr. David Sanders

Dr. David Sanders is a member of the Department of Chemistry, and an associate member of the Department of Biochemistry. He joined the faculty in 2001.

Dr. Sanders obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Guelph (Co-Op Honours Biochemistry).
He received his PhD from the University of Arizona in the lab of Dr. W. Montfort.
He then spent 3 years as a PDF in St. Andrews, Scotland, with Dr. J. Naismith.

Graduate Students

Jijin Raj Ayanath

Ph.D. Candidate (2009-present)

Cuylar Conly

M.Sc. Candidate (joint w/Dr. Palmer; 2012-present)

Naheda Sahtout

Ph.D. Candidate (2013-present)

Nataliya Zalatar

Ph.D. Candidate (2015-present)

Undergraduate Students

Duncan Kirby

Undergraduate Researcher (2014-present)
Nixon Summer Research Award (2014); NSERC USRA (2015)

Lais Gomes

Undergraduate Researcher (2015)
U of S Summer Reasearch Award (2015)

Renelle Humphreys

Undergraduate Researcher (2015)

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Karin van Straaten, 2006-2014.
SHRF PDF 2008-2010

Dr. Sean Dalrymple, 2010-2014.
SHRF PDF 2010-2011

Dr. Mary Yang, 2013-2013.

Dr. Kerri McIntosh, 2005. Research Fellow at the Albert Enstein College of Medicine (New York)

Graduate Students

Drew BertwistlePh.D. Candidate (2009-2015)
Thesis: "X-ray Crystallography of Inositol Dehydrogenase Enzymes."
Currently : Accelerator Physicist @ Canadian Light Source

Siddhartha TiwariM.Sc. Candidate (2011-2014)
Thesis: "Evaluation of Wild-Type and Mutants of β-Glucuronidase (GUS) Against Natural and Synthetic Substrates."
Currently :

Carla Protsko, M.Sc. 2010-2012
Thesis : "Structural Analysis of UDP-N-acetylgalactopyranose Mutase from Campylobacter jejuni 11168"
Currently : Instructor, Biochemistry Labs, U of S

Amira El-Ganiny, Ph.D. 2007-2011 (co-supervised w/Dr. S. Kaminskyj, Biology)
Thesis : "The Galactofuranose Biosynthesis Pathway is a Promising Antifungal Drug Target in the Cell Wall of Aspergillus nidulans."
Currently :

Sarathy Karunan Partha, Ph.D. 2006-2010
Thesis : "Structural and Inhibition Studies of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase."
Currently : PDF - Stanford University, USA.

Josiah Obiero, Ph.D. 2004-2010
Thesis : "Modelling Transient Protein-Protein Interactions: A Structural Study of the Thioredoxin System."
Currently : PDF - University of Kentucky, USA.

Dan Toogood, M.Sc. 2005-2009 co-supervised w/Dr. Palmer
Thesis : "Structural Studies of MenD - A Crystallographic Endeavor"
Currently : High School Teacher

Salina Pervin, M.Sc., 2002-2006
Thesis : "Study of Protein-Protein Interactions using Human and Helicobacter pylori Thioredoxin Systems"

Heng Chiat Tai, Ms. Sc., 2001-2004
Thesis: "X-ray Crystallographic Studies of Bovine Serum Albumin and Helicobacter pylori Trx-2"

Research Technicians

Dr. Inder Sheoran - 2009-2010.

Shakiba Jalal, 2008
Angela Hoffort, 2006

Edyta Sieminska - 2004-2005.

Summer Students

Chelase Cunningham - College of Medicine Summer Award (2014).

Linda Vogt - Nixon Award (2012-2013).
Currently: Student - University of Saskatchewan

Leia Fedyk - NSERC USRA (2013).
Currently: Student - University of Saskatchewan

Brenna Gallagher - USTEP student (2013).
Currently: Pharmacy Student - University of Saskatchewan

Michelle Cheng - NSERC USRA(2012)

Taylor Oliver - NSERC USRA (2011).
Currently: Student - University of Saskatchewan

Mackenzie Stefan - Nixon Award (2011).
Currently: Student - University of Saskatchewan

Brianne Phillipenko - Summer student (2011).
Currently: Medical Student - University of Saskatchewan

John Ko - BMST Summer student (2011).
----Biochemistry Honours thesis student (2010-2011) Thesis: "Kinetic properties of Aspergillus nidulans UDP-Glucose-4-epimerase and its mutants."
Currently: Student - University of Saskatchewan

Ryan Stubbins - NSERC USRA (2009-2010).
----Biochemistry Honours thesis student (2009-2010) Thesis: "Structural and Biochemical Investigations of L. plantarum IolG1, an IDH Related Protein."
Currently: Medical Student - University of Saskatchewan

Lindsey Berast - Nixon Award (2009).
Currently: Pharmacy Student - University of Saskatchewan

Mary Tait - summer student (2009).
Currently: Student - Cape Breton University

Kate Slowski - USTEP/BMST (2007-2008)
----- BMST Honours thesis student (2007-2008) Thesis : "Endeavours in Crystallography : Studies of IDH mutants from Bacillus subtilis.
Alexandra Anderson - NSERC USRA (2008)
Howard Meng - Researcher of Tomorrow (2008)
Peng Zhang - 2008
----- Biochemistry Project Student (2009) Project: "Investigation of Inhibitors of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase from Deinococcus radiodurans."
Jackie Dovell - NSERC USRA (2007)
Amelia Knaus - BMST course development (2007)

Sara Bonderoff - NSERC USRA (2004-2006).
PDF, Emory University

Vanessa Pittet - NSERC USRA (2006).

Jill Cowie - BMSTR course development student (2005)
Biochemistry Honours thesis student (2005-2006) Thesis : "Development of Binding Assays for Studying Thioredoxin/Thioredoxin Reductase Interactions"

Jennifer Chad - USTEP (2004) NSERC USRA (2005)
Currently: Practicing MD, Saskatoon, SK

Meghan Goerzten - USTEP (2005). Currently : Graduate Student : Toxicology (U of S)

Jordan Marit - NSERC USRA (joint w/ Dr. Kaminskyj; 2005)

Virginia Isley - USTEP (2002) NSERC USRA (2003)

Jennifer Bonderoff - (joint w/Dr. Bonham-Smith; 2003); Biochemistry Honours thesis student(2002-2003)
Thesis: "Purification of Human Rab5 and Brassica napus S15a for Crystallization"

Amanda Boechler - USTEP (2003)

Lisa Horton - USTEP (2003)
Currently: Pharmacist

Ignace Moya - (joint w/ Dr. Palmer; 2002)

Carli Czuba - (joint w/Dr. Bonham-Smith; 2002)

Project Students (plus some summer students - see above)

Chaojie Wang - Chemistry Honours (2014-2015) Thesis: "Evaluation and Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors against Mycobacterium tuberculosis UDP-Galactopyranose mutase."

Catherine Zhang - Biochemistry Honours (2014-2015) Thesis: "Characterization of the Thioredoxin System from Aquifex aeolicus."
Daozhu Wei - Biochemistry Honours (2014-2015) Thesis: "Structural Studies of Prion Proteins."
Michele Kam - Biochemistry Honours (2013-2014) Thesis: "Structural Studies of Site-Directed Mutants of the Allosteric Site of DHDPS."

Cuylar Conley - NSERC USRA (2012) - (joint w/Dr. Palmer) -----BMST Honours thesis student (joint w/ Dr. Palmer; 2011-2012) Thesis: "2.0 Å Crystal Structure of DHDPS from Campylobacter jejuni Containing Both the Substrate Pyruvate and Allosteric Inhibitor Lysine Provides Insight into the Inhibitory Mechanism."

Julie Boisvert-Martel - BMST Honours thesis student (joint w/ Dr. Palmer; 2009-2010) Thesis: "Characterization of NtdB as a phosphatase."

Celia Lam - Chemistry (2005) Project: "Evaluating Inhibitors of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase."
Aisyah Matjin - Chemistry Honours (2004-2005) Thesis: "Initiating a Crystallographic Study of Inositol Dehydrogenase from Bascillus subtilis."
Weitao Li - Biochemistry (2005) Project: "Kinetic Characterization of Thioredoxin System in Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum."
Kristen Hahn - Biochemistry Honours (2003-2004) Thesis: "Cloning and Sub-cloning of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase."

Heather Filson - Chemistry Honours (2002-2003) Thesis: "Crystallization and Structure Determination of Thioredoxin-2 from Helicobacter pylori."